Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Oslo 6 years after

Visiting Oslo six years after my first visit brings nostalgia and good memories from the year 2008 which was the year I traveled the most. Back then, I was so fascinated with low cost airlines that I wanted to travel everywhere.
This time was different; I visited Oslo during the winter and I came by car already as a Scandinavian resident (Sweden) and the sensation was very different (not mentioning the temperature and darkness). The empty streets and the cold, reminded me more the song "No one there" by the Finnish metal band "Sentenced" then anything else. :P
Norway has one of the highest GDP per capita in this blue planet and very high HDI. It's a very well developed country with very expensive products and services for those not working there. Traveling in Norway is very expensive and Norwegians (mostly living in the south) prefer to travel, for example, to Spain or Italy for much less money and more fun. Norway is perfect for ecotourism though. Its high latitude (especially if you go a bit up north to at least 63°N) allows you to seen the Aurora borealis (Northern lights).
Many people dream of moving to Norway because of the higher salaries and social welfare they may get in there, however this is not a perfect dream as you may think. I recently found an article explaining a lot of how life in Norway can be, so it may be useful for a migrant to take his/her decision before going for it.

Ok, but back to my tourism post, I got more stuff to show: 
The photo above and the ones below were taken at the Vigeland Sculpture Park, one of the main attractions of Oslo, which is basically a beautiful park free of charge and sculptures of naked people. Worth visiting!

Other 'must-see' attraction in Oslo is the Holmenkollen ski tower & museum, with the highest viewpoint to the city and a ski museum and simulator. There are good photos to be taken there if the weather won't be too foggy. I made a video even! Watch it in HD:

Few photos too:

To visit the museum and take the lift to the top of the tower, the adult admitance fee is 120 NOK and the 5-minute ski simulator costs 60 NOK per adult!

I want to discover the unknown in 2015, so maybe Iceland. Who knows? Stay tunned! See ya! Bye! :)

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