Monday, 4 August 2014

Przystanek Woodstock

I've just been through an awesome experience in a Woodstock-like festival in Poland called "Przystanek Woodstock"! I'd never been camping in a festival site before! But in such a huge festival like this(500.000 people) and being in such a small town like Kostrzyn, there were no other housing options. So, get your tents on and let's rock!

The festival had 3 nights of good music! The best evening was on Thursday 31st of July because among the bands playing on the main stage were: Hatebreed, Skid Row and Volbeat. So, after the first night I was already musically satisfied. The following days I was mostly enjoying, talking, drinking and relaxing with friends as the other bands' music was left as merely background music (at least for me). :P

The site had a quite nice infrastructure with LIDL shop, ambulances, showering areas and even some places where one could recharge a phone.
The festival had no entrance fee, and the beer was almost for free: 3,50 PLN for a 0.4L Lech beer. That's ~0.80 EUR! Beer cheaper than mineral water!

Crazy! For more info about the festival, click here

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