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West Side Trip

Who ever wanted to drive in the famous Route 66? From L.A. to Chicago? Well... the route 66 is nearly 4000 km long and I rid through it just for a couple hundreds of kilometres when going from Los Angeles to Arizona but still, that was enough to feel "the spirit" of it. If you listen to Chuck Berry's song: "Get your kicks on route 66", you will know what I mean.

The trip plan was to visit the best places in the United States' west coast, so, I thought that Los Angeles, Grand Canyon(Flagstaff, AZ), Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park (Oakhurst, CA), San Francisco and Disneyland(Anaheim, CA) sounded like a good plan for a 2-week trip. The map beside shows our route, ordered from A (start point: Los Angeles) to H (last city: Anaheim).

Travelling from Europe to California, flying over Iceland and Greenland can be very pleasant including a stunning view to Greenland's glaciers. The flight took more than 11 hours if I'm not mistaken and the timezone difference was -9h.

Few photos from inside the Lufthansa's B747-400:


Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the capitals of the world. It is residence for many of these people we see on TV (assuming you have cable TV). 

Being in L.A. area, there are many things to see and do like, for example, going to Disneyland in Anaheim (which is quite near), do shopping in Beverly Hills and perhaps see a famous actress just passing by, to visit the Hollywood sign, the famous Rodeo Drive and walk on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame".

People may prefer to live in L.A. instead of San Francisco due to better geography and climate. Easier to drive in there too.

Some of my photos:

Grand Canyon

Well, a canyon is the opposite of a mountain and the feeling is the same the only difference is that one needs to look down instead of up to make some photos! :P

The Grand Canyon national park in Arizona is one of the top attractions in the USA! If the photos you see can already make you say "wow", imagine seeing it by your own... definitely a must-see attraction!

A family-car ticket to get inside the park costs 25 USD, and you can check all the view points and make really beautiful photos. I tried making some with my modest 8mpx mobile phone.

Click to enlarge:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is and always will be a one of the top prestigious city due to its fame, glamour and, of course, its night life with casinos, clubs and adult entertainment. Just my one golden rule for people coming from Europe (which may give a time zone difference of 8 or 9 hours) is: Try to avoid visiting Las Vegas in the beginning of the trip. The "jet lag" of 9h is annoying and a person coming from Europe will feel very sleepy around 20:00, so it will be really a challenge to go enjoy the casinos and parties nightly.

I recommend to see the famous Bellagio fountain, which is close to the Caesar Palace hotel (the one which was used in the movie "The Hangover") and apart from that: Casino! Just try not to lose all your money in the roulette, because it may be really addictive.

Click to enlarge: 

Yosemite National Park

The visit to Yosemite national park was a contrast in this trip after visiting cities like L.A. and Las Vegas. The Yosemite park is a big green region with mountains, big sequoias and a main valley and a waterfall (which is flowing mostly during the spring). It's is perfect to go with a recreational vehicle and stay for few days. My only advice is: bring your own snacks since there is nearly no place to buy food or groceries inside the park.

Click to enlarge:

And video:

San Francisco

San Francisco is quite a unique city, it is characterized by its steep street and very irregular geography, apart from that it also has a micro climate which gives a weird fog almost every day, causing the impression to be walking on clouds. Another basic characteristic of San Francisco is that it is full of homeless people. In every corner there is a homeless person carrying a sign asking for help. So, if you think of San Francisco as a romantic or glamorous city: forget it.

The main attractions are the Golden Gate, the prison of Alcatraz (in which the gangster Al Capone was doing time) and the old tramway which is still being used, but mostly for tourists doing sightseeing.

Few photos:  

Thanks for reading!  

Next trip soon! :)

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