Saturday, 30 November 2013

Nano finally meets Soilwork

I got to know this band in the year 2000 after purchasing a compilation album in a web-store (ok, it was Amazon) named "Identity 6: Behold Another World". This metal compilation album contained many nice metal tunes from bands like Sentenced (Finland), Shadows Fall (U.S.), Krisiun (Brazil), but one specific song attracted my ears more and it was entitled 'The Chainheart Machine' by Swedish death metal band: SOILWORK!
I then followed the band for long 13 years until I could attend their concert in Wrocław, Poland on 25.11.2013!

The photo beside shows Bjorn Ingemar Strid (a.k.a. Speed) the lead vocalist of the band and me on the right. I was lucky to meet him after the concert and I had to wait long until the venue was almost empty on that Monday night.

The concert was part of the 'Living Infinite Tour', which promotes the album with the same name. In the setlist there were mainly songs from this new double album which is a great success! But they also played classics like 'Distortion Sleep', 'Late for the kill but early for the slaughter'(which is probably the best death metal song ever) and 'Chainheart machine'.

I could sing the refrain of their hit 'Rejection Role' even though I couldn't be as loud as Speed and it is hard to hear my voice but I was there, bitches!!! I'm part of the metal history!! :)

The video is here:

I'm sure attending a Soilwork concert again in 2014!!! Metal!!! :)

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