Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Happy 2013

Wrocław, Market square
This was my first time spending new year's eve in Wrocław after 5 years living here! Previously: 2007 Prague, 2008 Vienna, 2009 Santiago (Chile), 2010 Prague again, 2011 Demanovska Dolina (Slovakia).

2013 is a reality, so what now? - New goals, new dreams! Try to do as I do every year: write down on a paper your personal goals to be achieved in 2013 and... just go achieve them!! :)

Happy new year to everyone! Always remember: The words "dream" and "impossible" have a totally different meaning! -- Seems obvious,  but people just don't get it! :)

PS.: The new year's bash in Wrocław beats the one in Prague!! By far!!

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