Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Riga Cool Times 2012

I keep constantly pursuing the happiness to confirm 2012 as one of the best years I had (and still having) in my life! So much fun, learning and achievements!

Last year I joined CouchSurfing event called "Riga Good Times" (Maybe not officially a CS meeting, but mainly spread in there) and I had the greatest time doing pub crawling, parties, drinking and so on. 
So, I thought I could add few elements of previous "happy years" into this one to make 2012 a year with boosted fun and unlimited possibilities.

In this photo, you can see from right to left: Heikki (in the background), Valeria, Michael and me. This Michael is the guy with the never-ending laughing.  He can fix anyone's bad mood with his positive mood and jokes. Seriously, he laughs 101% of the time! :)

Apart from the happy element "Riga", I also added some elements from 2007, which was a great year for me too! - I went to unforgettable Slovakia again in May and visited my favourite Slovak cities: Zilina, Bratislava (skipping Poprad unfortunately). 
I then also made another cultural exchange by going to Russia in June (Trying to have a similar cultural shock as I had in AIESEC's Peace project in Feb/Mar 2007).

Unpredictably, I had the opportunity to spend 4 months in beautiful Sweden, working with awesome people and having loads of fun! 

Less than 1 month to its end but 2012 is still very promising. :)

Link to my post on Riga Good Times 2011:

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