Monday, 1 October 2012

Eurasian Lynx by my lens

I'm not a photography geek and I don't have a fancy camera (these which cost around 2000 USD). I'm just a nature enthusiast and I use the good camera from my smart-phone to take the cutest photos of amazing and unique animals such as the white tiger, polar bear and Siberian leopard.
In this post I'm bringing to you the amazing Eurasian lynx (Specie: Lynx lynx) which I could photograph from very close (I almost got bitten by it). This photo beside was taken without any zoom and has a very high quality! (If you would like to have it as a wallpaper, then ask me for the one with full resolution and I send to you via e-mail).
These photos were taken at the Skånes Djupark, nearby the small town named "Höör" in the southwest of Sweden. To get to inside the park an adult should buy a ticket which costs 180 SEK and, apart from the lynxes (I could see at least three of them), you can also see brown bears, foxes and lots of other local animals. It's not a full-range zoo with lions, tigers, monkeys, elephants or giraffes but you will find animals from this non-tropical zone of the globe. More info at:
The other zoo still in my must-see list in Sweden is the Björn park (Bear park), which is more specialized in carnivore predators and has a larger range of animals like the snow leopard, polar bear and Amur leopard. More info at:

Here few more photos of the lynx. Just click on them to enlarge:

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