Thursday, 14 June 2012


After ten days in living and learning Russian language in Petrozavodsk, in the northwest of Russia, I can re-enforce my theory that smaller towns in the country-side are perfect for deep cultural immersion into a society. When I ride a bus and I see no signs in English nor hear no foreigner talking, I think to myself: "Oh my god, am I really living this? I made my way to Karelia!".
Petrozavodsk has less than 300.000 inhabitants, so for me it's quite small comparing to St. Petersburg or Moscow. It's situated by the huge lake Onega and has a nice, cheap and effective (but I didn't say clean) transport system of trolley buses and mini-vans. A single ride costs 12-15 roubles, while in St. Petersburg it costs 30 roubles. The beer price range in a club is 90-120 roubles. Which ISN'T cheaper than in Wroclaw! (Shall I go even farther to found cheaper?) :-) On the other hand, food is quite cheap in restaurants. I could get a pancake for 50 roubles today.
The nightlife is not as intense as in Wroclaw. However, the clubs seem to be quite crowded due to a better ratio of people/clubs in town.
By the lake there is a quay from which fast boats depart to Kizhi island, a very famous island with wooden chapels and churches built in the 18th century. It's a must-see attraction. Some people actually go there to get completely drunk which I think is inappropriate. :-)

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