Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Autumn's last leaves

Heh, nothing better than go for a walk in the park before things get "white" around here, because snow will fall pretty soon.
Wrocław, also known as the "Venice of the north" or "The meeting place", is full of parks that look awesome during autumn. During my infancy, I always dreamt of living close to a park so I could run, ride bicycle and be close to the nature. My home-town is full of skyscrapers and not so many green areas. The city mayor allows builders to build in areas meant to be preserved and that's making Salvador to look chaotic in some zones.
I think I had enough of tropical climate. It's nice to have a small dosage of each season. I don't want to sweat and stink all year, moreover sun might cause skin cancer or dehydration. It's better 'to be cool' all the time and go ski and the snow is abundant. That's pretty much what I'm going to do in the upcoming weeks in snowy Slovakia. :)

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