Friday, 3 June 2011

Riga Good Times

This photo is epic and might help me expressing how much fun I had in Riga (the capital of Latvia) in the CouchSurfing event organized by local CSers. Amazing four days that I will never forget not only because of parties, heavy drinking, fun, new experiences... but also because I have made good new friends like Heikki from Finland, Navin from Sweden/Malaysia as well as Valerija (Valerita) from sunny Latvia.
With my friend from Brazil, CABECA, and my best friend from Vilnius, SIAROL, we made a mess!!! Drinking had no boundaries!! Having fun, hugging people for free! Haha! I miss it already! :)
I'm not sure if the organizers new it before (most likely yes) or coincidently there was also a "Go Blonde" parade on Saturday; all the blond girls from Latvia and also from abroad together and dressed in pink in streets of Riga. Do I have to say anything else? Good times!
Riga is one of the best towns I've visited; Nice, young and happy atmosphere. Comparable to Wrocław. Would be nice to spend more time there some day.

My carpe diem spirit was re-spawned and the soul of my age went even younger. Life is awesome.

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