Saturday, 4 December 2010

Spanish nightmare

I've just lived the most frustrating weekend ever! I was supposed to meet my family in Madrid and stay there for three days before heading back (with them) to snowy Wrocław.
I had a flight from Wrocław to Madrid via Frankfurt. I left work on Friday at 15:00 so I could be on time for the flight at 17:00 to Frankfurt and then connect to another flight to Madrid. Before getting on board, I was constantly checking the current situation of my next flight (the one to Madrid) on my phone. There were no cancellation nor delay remarks on it. Everything was going to be fine, but the first leg of the flight was starting to get delayed. Airport staff informed that the crew was one hour delayed because they got stuck in Wrocław's traffic jam. Why didn't the crew leave the hotel earlier? Some people just can't handle Wrocław! But even with one hour delay I would have enough time to connect my flight to Madrid. So, let's fly then!
My first big frustration came when I landed in Frankfurt and the flight to Madrid was canceled (it got canceled when I was already flying! bad luck, isn't it?). Air space controllers started a strike in whole Spain. There were still lots of uncertainties whether it was going to be long. Lufthansa arranged me some hotel for the night and put me in the next flight to Madrid at 6:55 in the morning of Saturday. After a very short night in Frankfurt (slept only 4 hours) I rushed back to the airport and got the information that the flight at 6:55 had been canceled. They kept being optimistic and put me on the flight at 9:35 which eventually got canceled too. Everybody expected some quick action from the coward government of Spain. The strike affected nearly 250.000 people. My 3-day weekend was getting shorter, and I decided to come back to Poland. I asked them to re-book my flight back to Wrocław which was originally scheduled for Monday at 20:05 to the same flight on that Saturday. When I tried to check-in later I got another big frustration: flight back to Wrocław got also canceled due to technical problems (four canceled flights for me within 24h - Am I going to Guinness book for that?) and the next flight to Wrocław was going to be on Sunday at 12:35. I went back to Lufthansa's desk and I said that I just want to go back to Poland! To whichever airport they can get me a flight to! So they offered me a flight to Poznań at 16:00. Deal. From Poznań to Wrocław the train journey took me two hours and twenty seven minutes, no delays. Nightmare ended for me on Saturday around 22:00 when I was already under my warm blanket and writing this post. I'm not flying to Spain so soon. I hate it already! :P Next time, maybe a train trip to Ukraine or Croatia. :)

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