Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sepultura in Wrocław

Brazilian Metal in Wrocław. That's true! Brazil is not only carnival, sun and beaches! We bring the metal to the people!! Ha! Last Tuesday (17th of August) I attended Sepultura's concert in Wrocław and that was my third time in a Sepultura live gig (1999, 2003, 2010), but none of them with Max Cavalera on vocals. Max's band (SoulFly) also performed in Wrocław months ago but I was in Brazil! (my bad). I'm satisfied with the new Sepultura and the new album A-Lex. This year I've been being lucky so far, because my favourites songs are being played in every concert I go! Metallica performed "Disposable Heroes" and "Fade to black" this year and Sepultura performed my favourite "Ratamahatta" with additional percussion. I head-banged so hard that my neck still hurts! A big "Oh yeeeaaaah!" for that!!! :D
I'm pretty sure that I was the only Brazilian in the audience!! The only real extreme-brutal-brazilian-metal-force fan!! hehe!! Even thought it's possible to see on the photo beside, a wristband with the Brazilian flag depicted -- that was not me! :)

I found on YouTube an amateur footage of the live performance of "Ratamahatta". Please see below:

Enjoy also few photo albums from different sources:


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