Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Netherlands

After two and a half years living in Europe, for the first time I had the opportunity to visit one of the most amazing countries in Europe. The Netherlands are an unique country due to the fact that most of its lands are situated below the sea level. Significant land area has been gained through land reclamation and preserved through an elaborate system of polders and dikes.

The Netherlands are also known among young people as the country of "sex, drugs and rock and roll", since prostitution and soft drugs are tolerated within its boundaries. I had a free city tour in Amsterdam and the guide was explaining that the
coffeeshops (The place in which people consume and buy weed) are a good business and injects around three billion Euro into Dutch economy (not bad).

I planned my trip to have enough time to see the best of the country so: three nights in The Hague, two nights in Amsterdam and two nights in Utrecht. My first stop was The Hague, the political centre and, even though not officially the capital, all the embassies and diplomatic bureaus are located there. Even the queen Beatrix left Amsterdam to live in The Hague. So, for me it's like the capital. Really nice city though! I stayed at my friends' house; Leonardo and Fabio, friends since the age of five that I consider to be my cousins! Good friendship kept through decades. I was lucky to have some nice weather during my stay there because typical weather is rather rainy and grey. I ended up at the beach! And, yes, topless is common there but I was focused on the delicious squid rings that I'd ordered. I'm gourmet!! :) Second day, Leonardo took me to the beautiful medieval town of Delft! Very cosy town with a nice square. Good place to take photos like this one above. This is a traditional folkloric footwear; a good souvenir nowadays. On Monday, 3rd of May, I continued my trip as planned, by train I went to Amsterdam and visited some museums but unfortunately I couldn't go to the Van Gogh museum because it was being repaired. I rather went to the torture museum and sex museum (not so cultural isn't it?). On 5th of May I went to Utrecht to visit my Polish friend, Przemek, who showed me around and took me to a party by bike! it was like a taxi, but for free! :)
In my opinion, Utrecht is the most beautiful city in Netherlands (among these four cities that I visited) and has a youth atmosphere! Nice pubs by the canals and amazing night life. Beautiful illuminated tower at night. Really worth seeing.

I took nearly a hundred of photos:

For full album of photos click here


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