Monday, 14 December 2009

Did the year 2009 change my life?

I think it's time to summarise how the year of 2009 and the changes it brought may have caused some impact in my life.
Did I reach my goals? I like to make this self-analysis to clarify my goals and my path for the next year. :)

Since I emigrated to Poland (nearly 2,5 years ago) my life has not tended to a routine (yet?). Each year spent in Poland has its own magic moments and 'features' (uh!). 2009 was not like a roller-coaster for me. I was not so euphoric to discover Europe and travel a lot like in the previous years... unfortunately. Let's say that I forgot a bit of my motto: "carpe diem". Why? Why staying at home on Fridays? ... a bit of demotivating times, loneliness and always wondering... Is the "Carpe Diem" thing really a plan for my life? ... or just a escape from planning it? I know that if I plan my life I will be giving boundaries to something that isn't supposed to have any boundaries. I could have only goals, so after I accomplish them I can set new ones!

Most of my workmates (at my age range) are married or engaged and they often refuse to go for a beer because wife is waiting (or even wife and kids). One day I mentioned the student's festival at University of Economics and one of them said: "we are no longer students for such parties and festivals". -- Oh god, what's wrong with them? Was this last sentence really sincere or was just a default excuse from somebody who really wants to believe that this is the real reason? My dear reader, think about that and take always the path your heart leads you to. Not the one that society does.

I can say that I will carry the Carpe Diem flag on an on.

What went well?
  • I made an amazing trip to Lithuania.
  • I successfully ran the Wroclaw Marathon.
  • Metallica performed my favourite song live in Dublin and I WAS THERE.
  • I started a relationship with a sweet polish girl.
  • I joined my company's team on the amateur league of indoor football.
  • I'm flying to marvelous Chile for christmas and new years eve with my family (I know it hasn't happened yet but for sure it will be part of the 'went well').
What has failed?
  • Unsuccessful attempt to go to Michael Jackon's concert in London. I had registered in the pre-sale but I failed to buy the ticket anyway. The worst news came few months later; the king of pop was dead. R.I.P.
  • Unsuccessful attempt to join the talent contest of my company, I would play brazilian songs on my acoustic guitar in Tallin, Estonia. I couldn't prepare demo material on time. I ordered a studio microphone that got delivered very delayed.
  • Unsuccessful attempt to make "Highway" (AIESEC conference) in Slovakia better than the one in 2007. The budget was too low, the organizing committee was overloaded and due to the global warming there was no snow in Poprad.
  • Unsuccessful attempt to get credit to buy my own flat in Poland. Due to lack of permanent resident status the banks won't give me credit unless I give a very high downpayment.

2010 ahead

I'm getting back on track for 2010! Few trips already in mind: Holland, Ukraine, Romania, Estonia and Latvia. Maybe another Metallica concert somewhere and short ski-trips!

Happy new year!!

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