Monday, 9 November 2009

Having fun in SLOVAKIA

Let's say it was an attempt to replicate some unforgettable times. Nearly two years ago I had the best days of my life; I was enjoying and having fun in Slovakia, in the AIESEC's "Highway" Conference 2007. It's a student's conference that happens every year in Slovakia.

In November 2007, I was still feeling the magic of the Eastern Europe, my first snow in Europe, everything carried some special thing within. I had the opportunity to join Highway conference in Slovakia. Since then I'm always carrying these memories.

> See how was it in 2007 by clicking here

Two years after, I thought I could live it again. Sometimes I have this feeling: "I want another ride!". I've heard of Highway Conference 2009. I could not miss the chance and I applied as member of the organizing committee(OC), so I could have the experience again but I was pretty sure that being member of the OC would be different.

For the first time, I felt how is it like to be behind the curtains. To wake-up much earlier then the delegates because somebody had to prepare everything. I could see how good is to look beside and see that somebody is working with me. I was member of an amazing team: Janka Kupkova, Zuzka Karlikova, Tomas Semotan, Rado Pastucha, Jakub Nagy, JJ, Monika Pohlova, Martina Zuffova, Lucia Janeckova and me.

I was so glad when people that attended the same conference two years ago came to me and said: "Hey, I remember you!" - Unfortunately I couldn't remember all of them. :P

Among different kinds of tasks I had, the one that I like the most was the one depicted in the photo above. Giving beer for free (since we had free beer from one of our sponsors - Brewery Staropramen). Of course, I could drink also! I just had to interrupt my 'hard work' for a while because the OC had a team for the drinking competition! They needed my help... why not? On the photo below taken during this competition, I was wearing the Brazilian flag like a cape. :P (Click on them to enlarge)

In 2007, my drinking team lost in the first round, but this time we lost in the second round! Let's see how it's going to be in 2010! :P

Well, comparing the conference in 2007 and 2009 let's say that the one in 2007 is still unbeatable! The venue in 2007 was the snowed Tatranska Strba, not far from Poprad. 40cm of snow and sunny sky all the time. Small and cosy village, and in the very comfortable hotel 'Rysy'. But this time the conference was in the centre of Poprad, the biggest city in the Tatra's region and the weather was rainy. Damn global warming! Moreover, I missed my good friend Luis who joined the conference in 2007 as well. Would have been funnier if he was there this year as well. 2009 keeps being a very successful year in my life anyway. :)

To see the full album of photos, click here.

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Fonchy said...

Czesc Nanito!
Slovakia is a nice place to be, hu? :) now i've read u, i wanna visit this village Tatranska Strba... i looove small and cozy villages :D
te mando un abrazo desde Lima!
Pa pa! dowidzenia