Sunday, 9 August 2009

Wrocław - "The Polish Venice"

After visiting many nice cities throughout Europe and promoting them on my posts, I just felt like a tourist again in Wrocław with my guests who are NOT really from Lublin, but from Siedlce (not far from Belarus). They are: Kasia and Natalia.

- Nano, what was the best choice you have ever taken in your life?

- Wrocław.

It's very sunny in here and very beautiful. It's the eastern Europe's Venice. Lots of canals and beautiful small bridges connecting everything. I'm very grateful for the visit of my friends. I really had a perfect weekend! I hadn't seen the new illuminated fountain in the centennial hall (Hala stulecia). Amazing spectacle!

Among other moments of fun, we had a boat ride on Oder river ("Odra" in Polish), and the hunt for gnomes in the city centre (We couldn't find all of them but we had fun anyway). Oh! And preparing spaghetti al Pesto listening to Thin Lizzy! great fun, moreover we also had time for my own performance of Whiskey in the Jar on the guitar! Another "kitchen serenade" :)

On saturday we went to the Brazilian restaurant in the city centre, and I've introduced them to the "Pao de queijo" prepared by chef Marcelo, as well as "Moqueca Baiana" - yes! dende oil in Poland! Pitty that there were no Guava nor Mango juice! Maybe next time?

** Attention - My Wrocławian friends liked my post, however they asked me to write about one small difference between Wrocław and Venice, here it goes: WROCŁAW DOES NOT STINK! :)

Few photos for y'all:

To see the full album of photos, click here.


Kasia Szanin said...
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Broniarczyk said...

Siedlce are NOT!!!!! near to Belarus!!!!!!! check the map!!!!!!:p

Broniarczyk said...

it was me- Natalita:)

Nano said...
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Kasia Szanin said...
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