Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Getting back on track, just took my first step: I bought proper shoes which are more than necessary to boost my performance after this unexpected interruption in my trainings. I still can't play football, but I can go jogging (if carefully).

This toy on the photo beside, is a japanese Mizuno©, Wave Creation® series, my favourite. There are no MIZUNO shoes in Poland.

People shall later complain: Why did I vanish from the map? (No answer) - I had my best secret mission ever! Crazy times with friends somewhere far. A place for meditation, infection, curation and revitalization. Yes, I defeated Influenza A, lost 3 kilos and fought acute bronchitis. I got my ankle to work properly again and made two small surgeries on my back. I can say I'm new man now, let's say: Nano 2.0

Below, I celebrate with my friends. From left to right: Alan, Valdeir, Me, Daniel, Guigo, Celino. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

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