Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tornadoes in Wrocław

I was walking back home from work after a tough day. It was very windy and, when I was approaching the building I live, the winds became stronger and I heard a thunder. I saw the leaves on the ground as the wind blew them, they moved with some rotation. The temperature had reached +24c, but it was not summer yet and by the end of day, winds brought the chill.

The day was ready for the perfect storm!

When I look up toward the city centre I saw the big storm cell and funnel clouds. I spotted a multi-vortex tornado!

A multiple vortex tornado is a type of tornado in which two or more columns of spinning air rotate around a common center. Multivortex structure can occur in almost any circulation.

I couldn't see the funnels in their entirety from the ground because in my neighbourhood there are many buildings. So I ran to my flat attempting to make nice photos from my window (I live on the 9th floor). Unfortunately, the tornadoes were dissipating, and the best photo I could make was this one beside, whereas the funnel in the centre was still touching the ground. The rest of the photos are from the storm cell and phenomenal cloud formations.

I have a small request to my all my beloved readers: If you have more photos from this storm, specially from the funnels, please share.

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