Thursday, 4 June 2009

Never had my own bus

Where are going after all? Let's go to Danilowski Square!!

I was going to ask them to name it "Nanowski Square" - But it can be "Danilowski". No problem! ;)

When I first looked at this bus I was wondering... the only Danilo that I know in Poland is myself! As "Danilo" is originally an Ukrainian name (Данило) and I heard that in Poland there are "Daniel's" even though I've never met any.

I never took my "own" bus! Because I have a tram pass only. I don't know where it would take me to.


Edimiuçu said...

wtf! Did u see this bus in wroclove?
I want one for me also.. płac edmilsonskiego

polish_nano said...

Vai ser "PLAC CABECAWSKIEGO"! Eu ja to providenciando, relaxe!

Tito Morais said...
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