Monday, 15 June 2009


A big discovery for me. So close to Poland and so beautiful. Welcome to Lithuania!

The journey was quite long until my final destination (Kaunas). Six hours by train from Wrocław to Warsaw and then six more hours by bus to Kaunas. I departed at 16:35 (10th June) and arrived at 6:00 (11th June). The bus ticket (one-way) from Warsaw to Kaunas costs nineteen Euros. The best way to get to Kaunas from Poland.

Kaunas is the second biggest city in Lithuania, with less than half-million inhabitants and is a fast-growing tourist spot in the Baltic countries.
When I arrived in Kaunas central station, my first impressions were very good: Toilets impeccable clean, for free and illuminated by blue neon lamps which made me feel like being in a discotheque's toilet(!).

The first signs of receptivity came in the early morning right after my arrival. It was 7 am and the banks were still closed. I needed to exchange some money so I would be able to have breakfast. I went to some coffee house in the old town to ask for information about where to exchange money. The first 'news' given by two young ladies working there was that I would have to work few hours to exchange money. On the other hand they offered me a Latte Machiatto for free which I quickly accepted. :)

When I finally exchanged money I did some sightseeing in Kaunas. I visited this castle (photo) and few churches. After that, I met two Portuguese girls who I was given the contacts before, so I could do sightseeing with them also and try some Lithuanian food. It's common to order some fried bread with melted cheesed and some potatoes with meat inside. Not so exotic food but heavy. My Lithuanian friends Lina and Agne hosted me at their place and took me out to get to know the night-life in Kaunas. We went to 'Dzem Pub' where I could meet many people from abroad, including one Brazilian girl that I had met before in Sao Paulo in 2006. This is what I call: "Tiny world".

I also visited the capital city Vilnius for a day-trip, which is only one hour away by train from Kaunas. The trains in Lithuania are very new and clean (as you can see in the some of the photos inside the photo album), and the instructions in the train station are given through the speakers also in English language. Lithuania is more prepared for tourism differently than few countries in this part of Europe...

On saturday(13th June), I went to some wooden house in the middle of nowhere with Agne's friends, to have fun, listen to music, play games and drink. I met interesting people too and increased my chain of contacts in the Baltic! :)
I heard from them that Riga (Latvia's capital city) is also an amazing place to visit. When I come back to that region I will for sure visit also Riga and maybe (why not?) Estonia.

Lithuania was for me a nice trip, to be kept forever in my memories.

For full album of photos click here.

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