Monday, 13 April 2009

Mountain Biking in Bystrzyca Kłodzko

"...Never was the kind to do as I was told, gonna ride like the wind, before I get old..." - from the song "Ride like the wind", written by Christopher Cross.

Exactly what I did. Why being at home if I can enjoy speed and ride like the wind? -- First of all, I would like to thank Magda Kubiak (wearing green on the photo) for the invitation to join her family during easter celebrations! Eeee!! :)

Magda and her family live in such beautiful house in the hills. A house which was left behind by the germans after the WW-II, and still preserves the original german look from outside. The village is called "Stara Łomnica", eight kilometers away from Bystrzyca Kłodzko. I ended-up invited to come back again during summer, so I can have Malinówka prepared by her mother. :)

By bike, on saturday, we took a 25km track in which one-fourth of it was a tough uphill with small breaks to finally reach a sanctuary in the top of the hill (850m from the sea level), and then a hardcore downhill enjoying the view and the waterfall. Couldn't take the best of my "downhill skills" because my rear-break was not so effective, and the combination of: Speed + Front-Break Only + No Helmet, wouldn't bring nice results. :P

On sunday, I had a special easter breakfast, polish-style, with special soup called "Żurek", and blessed eggs (really blessed), and cakes! Even though, I have no religion I went to the church to see the ceremony. Many people come carrying baskets full of painted eggs (several colours) and then the priest pours blessed water in each of them and then when people are leaving the church, some fire-fighters are waiting outside with the their helmets in position to get some "contribution" (for what? was the church on fire at first place? eheh), so they get few painted eggs as easter gift. :P --- Traditions are weird!

Ahead with the training, Wrocław Marathon is comming soon. :)

For the full album of photos, click here.

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