Monday, 30 March 2009

Weekend in Brno, Czech Rep.

I spent my 26th birthday in the beautiful city of Brno, east of Czech Republic, in the Moravia region, two hours away from the Slovak capital, and four hours away from Wrocław.

I had my last discount as a "<26" person when I bought my bus ticket to Brno. It is somehow good because incentives bike trips! :) Just kidding.

In Brno lives my good friend Barbora (photo), who kindly accepted me as her guest and took me for sightseeing in this amazing city. I was lucky to have one sunny day among so many rainy days lately. Due to this weather condition, we had an amazing view from the Spilberg's castle on the top of the hill, including the view to cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. Which is the main postcard of Brno.

On friday night (27th March), there was a ball of her (Barbora's) college and we had the opportunity to attend. Pairs dancing and a band playing Czech dancing hits... Oh, how I missed my bazooka! :)

The sweetest part of the trip was my birthday present, prepared with love. Dozens of tasty candies whose recipe was kept throughout the centuries by the Slovaks. Part of their culture. :P

Brno reminded me the city of Salzburg (Austria). Very clean, pacific and with a nice atmosphere. I recommend for sure. :)

For full album of photos click here

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Dalva M. Ferreira said...

Absolutamente lindo! Que invejinha...