Saturday, 21 March 2009

Nano, are you eating well?

Mama always asks it. Regardless of any other issue or difficulty he may be having here in Poland, the most important issue is the physical integrity of nano.

nano is ok.

Frustrations lately could have affected his mood, but his perseverance and hope will overcome them. His vision of life hasn't changed, still very enthusiastic with integration and immersion into Polish society and culture. Has lately enrolled himself for private advanced lessons of Polish language (as there is no Romanian language course in Wroclaw) and has also bought a book: Bram Stoker's Dracula, as an attempt to broaden his vocabulary.

Tomorrow he will promote his tropical country to Polish students intending to go abroad by showing videos, photos, current available internship positions in Brazil through the AIESEC platform and by answering all the questions they might have. If the weather allows, he will also play football with his friends. Life goes on.

Oh! about the food!? Cereals, light yogurt, banana with honey, toasts with cream cheese, carrot juice and coffee from south america for breakfast. At noon, frozen vegetables with rice, chilli and soy sauce. Cola or wheat beer to be served with. All the Omega3 needed he gets from restaurants.



Mili said...

yami, i am hungry now....seems the questions of mother are working...banana with honey? hey, give ma also some receipes for lunch, seems u have lots of inspiration...

Mili said...

hahah, romanian skills in Dracula? this is an offense...hehey, i saw a documentary on explorer, in fact the book is written after the death of a princess in wien, who had cancer but whom everybody thought to be a vampire, because she had some mistycal ways to deal with the disease...o, i have to send u a ABC of romanian:))