Sunday, 22 March 2009

Evidences of anti-racism groups in Poland

Here in Poland, sometimes I see nazi suasticas drawn in the walls or some stickers of the racist group 'White pride'. Surprisingly, when I was going by tram to some party I saw this sticker (beside). There is hope, at least, that one day racism will become an obsolete concept.

I know this is not my war, but everybody's. Racism has been losing this war through the years. Lately, big evidences of this are everywhere. We now have a black-descent man as the most powerful man in the world, an also a black-descent F1 champion. (Even though Massa was supposed to win that championship, but nevermind)

Better than protest against something, is to promote something good. When the manifest is pro-something, it's more susceptible to succeed.

Let's be pro-peace then. :)

Ok, I wrote too much for a boring sunday! For all my blog's readers: Have a nice week!

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