Thursday, 25 December 2008

Week in Greece

Traveling during winter can be frustrating if you go up north but Greece had very pleasant climate (South), with temperature range between +8c and +12c and very sunny, at least in Patras, (or Πάτρα in their language). I've got annoying rain and blistering winds in Athens, but fortunately none of those conflicts in the streets of Athens reported worldwide by the press occurred during my stay in Greece. :)

The idea of visiting Greece wasn't mine, however, as a passionate traveler, I wouldn't mind visiting such place. :)

I traveled with my parents and my brother, as we normally do every end of the year. Mom had made a friend through the internet by playing backgammon online. Her friend, Maria, is 29 years old, married and with kid (small Kostis). They kindly invited us over for Christmas in Patras. That was basically the motivation for the Greek trip.

I had the opportunity to try Greek seafood, octopus and squids. Mmmm... something that I can't find in Poland! On the other hand, in supermarkets, there is a ridiculous variety of beers. Imported beers basically only Amstel and Heineken! Oops, no Guinness for me this time! :) One issue, that can also be useful for my blog's readers as tip for a possible trip to Greece, is that credit cards are nearly not accepted anywhere. Even at fancy restaurants and cafes they accept only cash. I presume that the e-commerce does not exist in Greece if no one likes to use Credit/Charge cards. In Sweden I bought a train ticket via internet with credit card and got my e-ticket via SMS. Another tip about Greece is: WATCH YOUR STEP, cars NEVER stop for pedestrians to cross, even in the pedestrian crossing path ("zebra"). It was terrible to see a very old lady waving with her purse, almost begging to cross the road and cars going really fast very close to her.

Patras is an amazing city in the west coast of Greece, nice atmosphere. I felt it like Miami Beach! I heard there is a carnival there in February. Many motorcycles around town, not so many places to park cars. Locals go to Italy by ferryboat for cheap, journey to Bari takes 18 hours. Good luck! :P

Athens is very big city, but buildings are not so high (I guess this is the European style anyway), very efficient metro line and cheap (0,8 EUR - 1h ticket). Nearby the historical center it's easy to find nice restaurants and good Greek wines. In fact in Patras was even better for me, because there I could find more choices of seafood. Octopus overdose! :)

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Mili said...

ooo, looks like a very sunny and blue-skied trip.:)

Happy New Year!!