Sunday, 18 January 2009

Returning to the nest

After a long time, nothing better than sleeping on my own bed. Thinking of all the things I've been through during these 17 months of adventures, love, travels and mess.

I took a photo of my bed's headboard, which was kept intact since 2nd of september of the year 2007, when I left. Note, on the left, several participation medals from many races I used to run and note also a sticker on top that reads: "nanoo_metaleiro" - me. :)

Oh, I could play my guitar remembering all the tunes I used to play when I had my first band in the year 2000. It was called "No Reduction". Maybe I will manage to perform live again with my latest band, assembled in 2007; It's called 'Monster Mash'. We play Misfits' songs! :) - In case we'll play I'll keep everyone posted! :)

Oh, I can try many foods which are impossible to find in Poland. Oh, I can see Salvador becoming the 'Dubai' of Brazil, with many skyscrapers being built around here and I can see many of my friends from infancy getting married!! at least three of them! :) - And worst of all, I can see how things became expensive around here!!! Oh, my poor zlote!! they worth nothing! :P

This trip for me is like a F1 stop, to refuel my body for a rushy 2009, so I need lots of Açaí, Octopus' moqueca (some sort of goulash) , Acerola juice, Feijoada, Cozido, Lambretas, Cupuaçu and chlorophile juice! And then I will be ready to go ski in Zakopane with Lukasz and Dorotka!! :)

I dedicate this next photo to all Açaí addicteds in the world! (click to enlarge).

Haha! Winner fridge! :)


Mili said...

are u back home ? really gone from Europe?

polish_nano said...

Nooo milita, I just came for vacations. I will be back on 16th of february. :)

Mili said... I see...I think coming back home ever for holidays is greaaattt!!! :)