Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Swedish trip ( + Bullet For My Valentine concert! )

Scandinavia has become my current spot in Europe. After visiting Oslo during summer, I've chosen Sweden to explore. I've visited three important cities there: Stockholm, Uppsala and Vasteras. Next trip will probably include Malmo and Gothenburg. Maybe during summer... I don't know. :P

The adventure was pretty much "influenced" by the low-cost airlines, so I could book tickets, for 56 EUR, a round-trip flight from Poland to Sweden. My plan was to spend seven nights, two of them in Vasteras, three in Stockholm and two in Uppsala.

What impressed me the most in Sweden?

  • Cordiality - Drivers always stop for the pedestrians even if the pedestrian doesn't force a move to cross. Just need to stand and they will stop for you to cross.
  • Trains - Fast and comfortable like a hotel. The toalet I saw during my journey was better than the one at my flat in Wroclove. And I could buy my ticket via internet and make check-in via SMS. Cool !
  • Communication - Nearly EVERYBODY speaks english, even old people. No need to learn Swedish at all ! The only non-english speaker I met was a turkish guy in the hostel :P


The city is full of bridges, due to its lake and connection to the Baltic sea. The metro is efficient and a single-way ticket valid for one hour costs 20 SEK (approx. 2 EUR). Interesting places I've seen during my stay:

  • Royal Castle - One of those palaces with a bored guard in front of it. Entrance costs around 13 EUR.
  • Icy Pub - A pub made of ice in its entirety. 18 EUR to get inside. They offer extra clothes and you can stay inside up to 40 minutes.
  • Vasa Museum - Amazing museum of a Vasa boat which has sunk in 1628. Entrance costs around 10 EUR.
All of these places mentioned above are very well know, just need to ask a local where it is exactly. My post is not a guidebook! :P


This is a students' town! I've never seen so many bikes in the streets. Amazing atmosphere. I was hosted by Gabriela Velasquez , from Chile. I had a great time in Uppsala, met many people from abroad; Spanish, Polish, French, Vietnamese, Kyrgyzstani

Uppsala doesn't have many specific touristical spots to see. The town is the spot itself. :P


Even smaller (less population) than Uppsala, Vasteras is also place for students. I could see many young people all around. I was hosted by Kaja, a Polish friend, who is living in a students' dormitory. In my opinion Swedish dorms are much better than the ones in Poland because there is no disgusting old ladies in the reception desk asking for ID all the time! I guess in the whole Sweden is like that. :P

I've seen many gorgeous flats by the lake and very interesting shopping center, which consists on shops in different buildings (3 or 4) but they are connected to each other by some tunnels over the streets to give the impression of unity.

Bullet for my valentine concert (3rd December, 2008 - Arenan Fryshuset)

Amazing! High-quality Welsh metal! This was part of promoting tour of the album "Scream Aim Fire" released this year.

The interaction with the audience was intense. During the song 'Eye of the storm' people opened a space in the middle of the crowd and started to run in circle - to be, in fact, THE EYE OF THE STORM! Uh!

The best part for me was during the song 'Waking the demon' - the crowd performed the WALL OF DEATH. You don't know what it is? Check it out:

I'll be keeping on chasing metal concerts in Europe!! ooh, yeah!

For full album of photos, just click here.

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