Monday, 22 December 2008

Nano gets honoured by ex-workmates

After nearly 1,5 year working for PGS Software, and sharing many funny moments with lots of friends, my road once again forked and I had to leave this amazing team. I will still be living in Poland (I hope), and life goes shorter while memories get longer. :)

Believe it or not, this was the best way they have found to honor me. They have taken this special picture, so I can never forget them! So lovely! :)

Special thanks to the most crazy fuckers among all the others:

G. Makosa (Carrying letter "U") - bastard had the idea of doing such photo
P. Kwiatowski (Carrying letter "O")
M.Rakowski - Trujilo (Doing "devil sign" with hand)
S. Guz (Not in the photo) - bastard was sick, couldn't come

Special thanks for non-fuckers, but not present in the photo:

P. Gurgul
W. Gurgul
M. Gurgul
K. Kurzionek <- was supposed to be in the photo!

Picture will be enlarged if you click on it. :P

Happy 2009!!


Anton said...

Dude! Such an awesome picture!
I took the similar one when left!
I recall and miss those great times :((
But it's it nice to feel that I'm not the only one person passed through it.
How are btw? Did you visit Brazil and went back to Poland recently?

polish_nano said...

noo dude, I'm still in Brazil. Until 14th february. And then I'll go back to Polska!

I'm planning to visit Russia in summer if no visa is required. :)

So far, Wroclaw is still the sunny place we all know and like !! :)