Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Slovak goulash

Couldn't resist the invitation to join my Slovak family for some goulash in the woods (yes, in the middle of the woods). Slovak cousine with Kofola and best Slovak beer: Zlaty Bazant, the Slovak sensation! (yeah!). Oh! and of course CIASTECZKI BARBORECZKI ©, made by its own inventor: Barbora. :)

These unique ciasteczki are some amazing candies prepared with rum, chocolate and condensed milk, that give a special sensation after eating it. :P

Note in the photo on the left: this is my babe adding the beer itself to the gulash to improve its taste. It's what I call 'the Slovak touch'. :)

Slovakia is going to be less unique in the next few months. Wth, wtf?? Yes. On 1st of January of 2009, the Slovak crowns will be no longer accepted in Slovakia. Euro will be the official currency. (I just hope the price of my Zlaty Bazant won't go up in value. :P )

Few more photos (By clicking, you enlarge them):

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Anonymous said...

yamyy yamyyy...such good friends must be kept close:)) yamyyyyyyyy