Monday, 14 July 2008

London Fun

Inevitably, the day came for me to visit London. One of the top destinations on Earth. City of the Beatles, Sherlock Holmes, William Shakespeare and many others world's icons.

First, I would like to thank my best British friend, Verity Denman who kindly offered me accomodation in Reading (Berkshire county) during my stay in UK.
We became friends after working together (however, remotely) for ten months.

On friday 11th, I visited the office of
iGroup in Reading town, one of the clients of the company I work. Really nice staff: Minaz, Rupert, Angela(Portugal), Ruslan(Russia), Michael Topic, Mike Jennings, Maria(Argentina), Alex(Netherlands), Su-Yin(China)... and few more others :P
I was helping them for a while with some urgent issue in one of the web portals we maintain, and right after I fixed it I was free to go to London town for sightseeing.

First place I visited was the Buckingham Palace, the place where the Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth lives. The British flag was up, meaning she was inside. I almost invited her over for dinner. But I had not enough time, due to unexpected delay in Reading. In the same day I also took photos with the
Big Ben, London Eye and Tower Bridge.

On saturday 12th, my girlfriend made it all the way down from Edinburgh, SC to spend the weekend with me, and as the wheather was better than the day before we took a 'flight' (this is how they call one ride) in the London Eye. Amazing aerial view of London town! - After that we visited the wax museum to take really funny pictures:

After the wax museum, I visited the Abbey road!! Very famous spot for Beatles maniacs! For those who don't make any idea of what I'm talking about, it's the street in which the Beatles took the cover photo for one of their albuns. :)

As always, there were some Beatles' freaks trying to take the very same photo:

(I dedicate these photos above to my friend, Manu Ribeiro, die-hard fan of Beatles)

At night we had dinner with my Portuguese friend, Angela, and her family. In a Portuguese restaurant called "Nando's" - Surprisingly they had Brazilian beer: "
Brahma". Nice environment for Portuguese speakers. After the dinner, we went to some Irish pub, to have some cold Guinness draugh beer!

On for sunday, Stonehenge! Pre-historical rocks with big mystery surrounding it.
There's some small touristic infra-structure there; Basically parking, souvenir store and ice-cream shops. It's also possible to get some audio guide to hear the history about the place. However, the recordings are full of:

...nobody knows...", "'s still a mystery...", "...hard to precise..."

In fact, these are just rocks whose history nobody knows. In my opinion the "
English Heritage Commission" - Shouldn't be ashamed of not knowing the history of that, instead of recording bull shit in the audio guides for the tourists as an excuse to charge 7 GBP for "entrance" - Damn capitalism. Hehe. :P

This time, don't miss the chance to see the full photo album, including amazing pictures taken from the London Eye! Yuhuu!! Click here!

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