Monday, 28 July 2008

Central Europe Mountain Jumping Adventure

Wonderful weekend in the Saxonic Germany!

My eurotrip never stops! Why would I stay at home eating chips and watching cartoons if I can go for hiking, rafting and city-tour?

This time the destination was a german paradise in the Saxonic part of Germany, close to the Czech border. First I met my friends Maira, Luiz, Hasmik and Edmilson (from Brazil, except for Hasmik - Armenia) and we took one train from Wrocław to Dresden (with one change in Gorlitz) and within four and a half hours we were there for sight-seeing.

Dresden was severely bombarded by the British and American air forces, during the second world war in 1945. The city was rebuilt from the dust. Baroque architecture was kept and the city center is beautiful. Really worth seeing.

After sight-seeing Dresden we headed the village of Rathewalde for the hiking and boat ride. There we met the rest of the internationals who applied for the CEMJA (Central Europe Mountain Jumping Adventure) - coordinated by Melanie Thier from AIESEC in Dresden.

On the first night we had the "global village" party - in such party people can present their countries and also provide some typical food or beverage. There were five Brazilians attending and we had the most attractive stand, with caipirinha, cocadas, coins and bank notes from Brazil, flag, music and much more. :)

On saturday(26) we all had a breath-taking experience in the saxonic hills. :)

On sunday(27) we went for the boat ride!! fifteen kilometers in total, but the river was slowly flowing and the wind slowly blowing. Took us some time to accomplish the whole track. :P

** Once again: Thank you very much, Zuzka, for inviting me to this event! Will be never forgotten **

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skorpiuke said...

It was one of the best moments in Germany :)