Sunday, 22 June 2008

Nano in the Tatra mountains

I was waiting for the best time to visit (again) the Tatra mountains, and I chose the weekend of 20-22 of June, because 21st of june is the summer solstice (latest sunset of the year) so I could enjoy more the view of the west Tatras (Polish side) and the warmth of Zakopane. :)

Last time I was there was during winter (some week of march, 2007). Back then, I had the opportunity to meet Łukasz and Dorotka (brother and sister) and Marzena (their mother). Together we have visited some spots in the city and I took some ski lessons by Łukasz (I'm very grateful for that) which helped me a lot months later when tried to ski in Chile. :P

That "Tatranski National Park" is really wild. Warning signs are everywhere to let everybody know about the risk of meeting a bear and how to avoid such. For me it's very clear... "
If you see one of them, don't think! just run!". Fortunatelly, the only "Tatra beasts" I saw were some wild goats. Not dangerous.

Few words to conclude: Worth visiting! Do go there and don't forget to try the cheap sheep cheese: "Oscypek" :P

Full album of photos can be found here.

And a silly video can be found below:

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