Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Weekend in Budapest

Budapest was one of the capital cities from eastern Europe that was on my list of places to visit. After 8 months living in Poland, I finally got some free time to travel and I ended up there, and veeery well accompanied. ;)

Impressions I had at first sight were really good. Very outrageous palace in the hills reins the view and sovereign Danube river quietly flows. Cities such as Prague, Krakow and Budapest are no longer "good kept secrets" - the tourism boom has already taken them all. Budapest's city center is crowded. I've seen more McDonald's, BurgerKing's, KFC's and Subway's in Budapest centre than in Manhattan. Very true! But even though American branches came very fast, people only speak Hungarian language, which is totally different from any other language. Even at McDonalds, staff working in the cashier are only able to speak "big" or "small", and numbers from 1 to 10... - "One bigmac, Cola big?". Be prepared for that. :P

City is veeery expensive. Prices are more or less similar to prices in the western europe. Example: 3,30 Euros for a half-liter beer in a pub, 1,30 EURO for a single-way metro ticket. That makes me love Slovakia and Poland more and more. :P

Summarising my experience: Budapest is really nice city, really worth seeing. Do go there! :)

Some photos from the city (click to enlarge):

I also visited some special indoor zoo - mostly for fishes and reptiles, they call it "Tropicarium" it's inside the shopping center "Campona". Really cool!

Some photos from the Tropicarium (click to enlarge):

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ANA said...

Oi filho
Adorei essa nova viagem que acabei de fazer à Budapest. Realmente bonita a cidade. May está muito bonita nas fotos, principalmente a do jardim.Vc dispensa comentários. Está sempre charmoso nas fotos.
Te amo
Sua Ana