Thursday, 29 May 2008

Scanning the scene in Poland tonite!

An important chapter in my life! Metallica concert!!! YEAH!!! Since I was just a teenager I've been waiting for this moment. That 28th of May will never be forgotten! Nothing would stop me from having a good time! My first challenge was to find tickets. Tickets had been sold out very quickly and I really didn't expect that. I had to buy it on Allegro (some kind of auction website - like
eBay) for three times the original price and to watch it from the sector number 40, very far from the stage. When I arrived at the venue I noticed how bad I was allocated!! Ofcourse I wouldn't accept that!! I had to go through the securities guards somehow and sneak into the main sector, in front of the stage. That's what true fans would do! YEAH!

When the composition "the ugly and the bad" by Enio Morricone started to play, announcing the opening of the concert I started to wonder what would be the first song? Enter Sandman? Blackened? So What? - For my surprise, they opened with Creeping Death, which belongs to my favourite album. "Ride the lightning". I have to admit I was lucky because they played almost all of my favourites except for "Fade to Black". But that's fine. Not gonna cry for that one. :P

James Hetfield has an uncomparable carisma with the fans, always saying "Thank you, Poland" and interacting with the audience. In this following footage he teases the poles before playing the classic "Seek and Destroy":

More photos:


Alberto Ferreira Filho said...

Isso é um show de rock ou um enterro? Todo mundo de preto! pqp...

Anonymous said...

Olá, Nano!

Paweł Gurgul, my brother-in-law, has recommended me your blog. Sincere compliments on that!

U might find this information interesting:

Sorry, there is no translation into English on the web, but as u probably can understand it is about a FREE concert of APOCALYPTICA upcoming Sunday in Warsaw.


Paweł Moras