Sunday, 25 May 2008

Oslo fun

The thirst of an avid traveller is never quenched. After conquering the east side I might start conquer the lands of Asgard! Norway is my very first contact with the nordic countries.

I have to admit that Oslo was a surprise for me. I expected a very gelid atmosphere, but the city is very rushed. Lots of young people trying to enjoying the warmth of a sunny day with +15 Celsius. The tradition is to buy some sort of disposable barbecue gear to bake some sausages in the park, relaxing and talking. Even though this disposable BBQ gear seems very practical and futurist, it produces a lot of garbage and though they are against the new trends for sustainability. :)

One issue that is always part of the conversation in Scandinavian countries is the costs of living. Prices are absurdly high. Even for locals. Cigarettes are so expensive that it's hard to see somebody smoking. Alcohol is also very expensive. Whenever students get together to drink, everyone brings his/her own alcohol! After logical series of thoughts I came up with a conclusion about the absence of poverty in Norway - All the poor died because they couldn't afford food! That's obvious!! :)

Feel this cultural shock:

1 single-use pass for Metro/Tram/Bus (valid for 1 hour) - 2,90 EUR
1 banana - 1 EUR
1 half-liter beer in a pub - 7 EUR
1 BurgerKing meal - 12 EUR

Another thing that impressed me in Oslo was the amount of immigrants. 22% of the population are foreigners. Everybody is able to speak fluent English, most of the signs are also shown in english. Easy city, easy transportation, easy communication.

Spots I visited during my short stay were: Palace of the king, Main square, Harbor, Reptile Zoo, National Museum (in which I saw the famous painting of Edvard Munch, The Scream)

I also went to the new and futurist opera house (four months old) with modern architecture, one public park with a lot of sculptures(I took nice photos), and at last I visited the top of Radisson SAS hotel, which is the highest building in Oslo:

One special moment I had during this trip was in a club. The DJ played the song entitled "CHINATOWN" by the Irish band "Thin Lizzy". I thought that band had been forgotten long time ago since the vocalist Lynott died by an overdose in 1986. But they still rock! :)

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Alberto Ferreira Filho said...

Porra vey... vc eh burro ou nao gosta da fruta... uma loira deliciosa no elevador e vc fica filmando porra de paisagem! Na moral...