Sunday, 18 May 2008

Heavy times

I have some good time once in a while!

Part of my new European lifestyle also concerns enjoying the craziest metal festivals. This time, a dream is comming true. In Poland I'll have the opportunity to see the two most successful and top-selling metal bands of all time.

Iron Maiden's concert will be an important chapter of my life (of course Metallica's concert will be too), but I started to be a heavy metal boy when I listened to Iron Maiden for the first time at the age of twelve! I still remember my first cassette: "Real Live One", which I bought randomly just because I liked the cover picture. Funny when I think how randomly fate can diverge. If it wasn't for that day, I would be listening to some crapy music now, maybe I wouldn't be a metal banger at all.

After that cassette, I bought the album "Fear of the dark", "No prayer for the dying" and so on...

Now, I just can't wait to hear Dickinson's voice shouting: "SCREAM FOR ME POLAND!!!" - Specially because it's the "Somewhere back in time" tour, and they are going to play old stuff from the 80's. No "X-Factor" or "Virtual XI" shit. :P

My first cassette:

Metallica came later for me. I remember when I saw a videoclip on MTV of a song entitled: "Hero of the day". The year was 1997. That song became the first song I've ever learned to play on guitar, even before I have my own guitar (1999) I used to borrow it from some friends to learn to play that one. As I started to listen to previously-released songs by Metallica, I enjoyed it more and more, now I got all the albums, even some relics such as "The 5,98 EP Garage Days" which was being sold for a short period of time during the 80's, and became a collectors piece. Metallica had motivated me to have my own Metallica cover band in the year 2000. Unfortunately we performed live only once.

I had a big frustration once, when I attempted to go to their concert in 1999, in Sao Paulo, BRA - I was only seventeen years old, and my parents didn't allow me to go. Second big frustration came few years later when they have announced a south-american tour in 2003. I had bought tickets, booked flight and hotel and then they cancelled the tour.

Now it seems that, finally, THE day is comming. :)

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