Saturday, 12 April 2008

Kraków, PL

First of all, I think I owe an explanation. People are asking: "Weren't you going to Czech?" - Yes! I was! But the train which was supposed to take me there never came. :P

First lesson: Never trust the website ! the timetable lies!

First I took a train to Opole (100km away from Wrocław) to get my connection to Jesenik,CZ whereas conference was happening. I felt very lonely in the platform number 5. Then I noticed the stupid site lied to me, so I got my money back after showing the ticket with controversial departure time. As long as I had already started my trip, I decided (randomly) to go to Krakow instead... (With a lot of czech crowns in my pocket) - Here I go! Trip from Wrocław to Kraków takes four and a half hours by train or less than three hours by car. I took train.

Krakow is almost like Prague! Crowded and totally prepared for tourism. Fast trains from the train station to the airport, a lot of hotels, including big branches such as Radisson, Holiday Inn and so on. The main square is full of artists, musicians, people selling handcraft and souvenirs. Don't forget to buy your own pet dragon. Teddy bears are obsolete! New thing is the Teddy dragons! :)

Krakow has this famous castle (enclosed in the first photo, on the top) - The Wawel Castle!
Tale says there was a dragon to protect the treasure in the cave beside the castle and then one day the dragon exploded after eating a fake sheep filled with explosives. Tricky, huh?

All my photos from Krakow are available here.

What am I gonna do with all these Czech crowns?

a) Sell it back and never attempt to go to Czech again.
b) Plan another trip throughout Czech medieval towns.
c) Go to Czech and spend all the money on cheap alcohol, bring it back to Poland and share with friends.


Iteke said...

Ciekawa wycieczka do Czech. :>
A ja czy tak wolę Wrocław od Krakowa.


polish_nano said...

Zgadzam się z tobą. Wrocław jest najlepsze miasto w Polsce. :)

marcia said...

Oi Danilo, eu me chamo Dagmarcia e eu moro em Paris, mais a gente nao se conhece ainda. Minha Mãe conhece a sua. Meu mail é e meu tél é 06 77 54 32 63. Eu te convido pra tomar banho de piscina olhando a torre eiffel, o sacré coeur, etc...