Sunday, 23 March 2008

Slovak times (Banská Bystrica, Trstená and Námestovo)

This was my third trip to Slovakia! Let's make a quick flashback: my first trip was to Żilina and Tatrańska Strba, the second was to Bratislava and Nitra, now it's to Trstená, Námestovo and Banská Bystrica!

Cities going smaller for me! As I was born in the third most populated city in Brazil, whenever I get to so called "cities" with less than 100.000 people, sounds at least funny to me.

I went to Trstená (Aprox. 8.000 inhabitants) and I was convinced that it is a 'town', not a village. Even though it was difficult to convince me! :P
Anyway... small towns are becoming my passion. Some time ago I used to think that such small cities could be so boring to a certain point that I could go depressive. Little by little I'm starting to break this barrier and enjoying small beautiful towns in Poland and Slovakia.

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos in Banská Bystrica, because I had only one night there and, besides, BB is not so small city and therefore is out of the scope of this post! :)

People in such small towns tend to be more receptive and warm, and in fact they are! I have to say that I feel very grateful for my hosts in Trstená, for all the care I had during my stay, and of course for greatest easter candies and sweeties. (Barbora rocks!) :)

Sometimes it seems so bucolic that I feel like a time traveller, back to 19th century:

Trstená, as seen from the top of the hill.

This last photo was taken the day before the snow flurries come. On the day after, there was 5 to 10 cm of snow layer. Because of that, I had the opportunity to try some "butt-skiing" :P

For sure my easter weekend was amazing and unforgettable.

More photos (click to enlarge):

More Slovak chapters are yet to come! C-ya ;)

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Ana Cristina said...

Oi amor
Que delícia de neve.Não vejo a hora de fazer o mesmo.