Sunday, 16 March 2008

Opera Wrocławska

From heavy metal to opera! That makes me: "Nano, the multi-cultural boy"! :P

Two first-row tickets (for me and my babe) to:

Il barbiere di Siviglia, ossia L'inutile precauzione
by Gioachino Rossini

This is the original name in italian, but the language is irrelevant. For the first time I watched an opera performed half in italian (Figarooo, Figarooo...) and half in polish. The parts in italian had subtitles (that's true! a small electronic banner on the top of the stage displays subtitles in polish) - Most of the dialogues were in polish and the rest (specially the fast parts) were in italian. Really multi-cultural moment for me.

One important lesson! even though the "first row" has more prestige and is more expensive, the balcony on the 2nd (or on the 3rd floor) are the best choices! From the ground floor is impossible to see the orchestra! We could see only the bald spot on maestro's head. Normally people don't really care about musicians, but for me (also musician) it's really cool to see the orchestra! :P

The opera house in Wrocław is really gorgeous!

More photos (click to enlarge):


Milishor said...

eee, music for the soul I see..I regret somehow I didn;t have the chance to go to the opera from Wro,but as I dont understand polish like u do, i think it would have been just a slideshow for, nice long haired people hugging one another there in the last picture:) }{

André Lage said...

Such a beautiful place! It remembers me Paris Opera :)

E ainda tirou foto tirando onda de intelectual com uma gatinha ao lado ;)

Abraçao negao!