Friday, 28 March 2008

Birthday celebrations in the Polish style

It's so hard to get old without a cause but Nano now is 25 (or 1/4 of a century, 1/40 of a millenium...) :P
This weekend (28th-30th of March) was full of parties and fun.
I've been to a party inside of a tram, in club, a lot of people from abroad (from Erasmus program and AIESEC) joined the "Wrocław Reception Weekend". An event organized by AIESEC in Wrocław, to entertain trainees, show the surroundings and a bit of the history of this amazing city.

The party in the tram is very interesting, specially when everybody wants to go to the restroom and there's no such thing on board. :P
There was also a visit to the Japanese garden in Wrocław, really nice place to take photos.

Photos (click to enlarge):


Even the Russian girls couldn't escape from the blitzkrieg!
The alliance set among Portugueses, Spanishes and Brazilians (Latin alliance) was invincible against the slavonic alliance (Ukrainians, Russians, Poles). I didn't even get shot in any of the four rounds we disputed. Besides, I'm quite experienced! Almost a decade of Duke Nukem, Doom, Quake... I knew that would be useful one day in my non-virtual life!
The guns were pretty much calibrated, so I could aim and headshot'em for a total massacre!! My best shot hit someone else's mask in the visor! better than a headshot is an eye-shot!! ;P

I want more!!! My blood thirst is not gone yet! :P

More photos(click to enlarge):


Mili said...

:) Happy Birthday dear Nano and many blessings and great things ahead..I see u had a great weekend and it makes us, teh readers, a bit jealous of not being there:)
Enjoy, M.

Ana said...

Oi amor
Vejo que seu aniversário foi bem divertido. Que os proximos sejam sempre assim e que eu possa de alguma forma estar perto de vc.
Muitos beijos