Monday, 4 February 2008

Pranie w oparach absurdu

Today I was talking to some friend from Akademia Economiczna and she said I'm very popular there. I asked why and she said maybe it's because I appear in one of the news article (or reportage) produced by the "Kampus TV" (Akademia Economiczna's TV network), so people could see me in the video with my 1920's hat and the students could identify me because I'd been giving some lectures about cultural understanding there. :P

This video is about the dormitory in which I live. It's called: "Dom Studencki Przegubowiec". This news article is about the inefficiency of the laundry system; there are only two laundry machines working (from a total of five) for the usage of seven hundred students. It was very hard to get the keys to laundry room and sometimes very unfair, but nowadays we are coping with it fairly, because now there's a list in which we can write our names and then, at least, we're going to know exactly when we'll get the keys (even if it's going to happen in awkward times). Today I used the laundry from 6:00 to 8:00. Waking up very early on Monday can be so depressing. :P

The people responsible for the maintenance of the laundry machines are arguing that due to the incessant use of the machines they inevitably break. They even disabled the centrifugal process (which occur by the end of every wash) in order to extend their lifetime.

I always look on the bright side of things... washing can cause environmental impact! Let's reuse our clothes as much as we can! ;)

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Mili said...

heheh..u really look very misterious there, as a spy..:)) let ur beard grow...and wash the clothes by hand, it is a wonderful therapy against stress and anger:))