Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New years' eve in Prague

Prague is now a top destination in Europe. Considered to be the capital of eastern europe, Prague now became a hot tourism spot, with great infrastructure, metro with 3 lines, trams, buses. You can even get free city tour. Pubs are doing their best to attract people, even with strip-tease shows without admittance fee.

Forget that old impression about Prague as a bucolic site whereas you can always sit, relax and start reading a book on the Charles Bridge (that famouse bridge in which Vin Diesel sank the Anarchy 99 bio-weapon in the movie Triple X). That brigde is rather crowded now, all the time. Everybody wants to visit this main spot of Prague.

The main square is also crowded as hell, and many people stand in front of the astronomic watch to see what happens every hour. Ofcourse I'm not gonna tell it here. You have to see it for yourself. LOL.

The choice for the new years' celebration was good! Prague was crowded and the fire crackers were really loud! Some Korean dudes were leading the fireworks launching and making the mess since 22:00 until 00:30... Prague's main square seemed to be a battle field! There is a tram line crossing the main square and whenever they could they aimed their shots to the tram! insane! Eventually, one of them got inside the tram and all of the passengers had to get off. Coolo! There was also a guy running butt-naked and kicking the traffic signs. Absint might have helped him! LOL! He got arrested within 5 minutes by the local police!!

The warfare:

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