Friday, 25 January 2008

For whom the bell tolls?

Aha! I always had this question in my mind! For whom the bell tolls? James Hetfield used to ask this much often during his concerts! hehe! I finally got the answer for him and for you all!!

In the company I work there's an old lady who comes everyday to prepare sandwiches for us! She's very kind and her sandwiches are very tasty! She arrives around 9:30 and leaves at 10:30, after she prepares all the sandwiches, she has to ring the bell!

As a naughty, childish boy that I am :P, I was lurking in the kitchen waiting for the exact moment she finishes the sandwiches so I would ask her to ring the bell! LOL! When that moment came, she just said: "Yes, ofcourse! Ring it!" eheheh!!

People came really fast.

See what happened:

Time marches on! :)

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André Lage said...


figura vc velho, boa blogada essa :)

"e nao indagues por quem os sinos dobram, eles dobram por ti"