Monday, 3 December 2007

Sunday at Magnolia Park, newest shopping center of Wrocław.

What really took me to that place was the "Burger King" ... The day before I had seen a commercial on the cinema just before the movie "Resident Evil: Zagłada" starts... LOL. Funny thing is: A new 2-floor Burger King had been built on a place 3-min away (by foot) from my previous residence in Brazil, just 1 month after I arrived in Poland...

Magnolia Park is powered by a big cinema, a big 'TESCO' supermarket, a big 'Saturn' store for cameras, mp3s, plasma tv sets, mobile phones, laptops and so on... There are also lots of places to sit and have a coffee or an ice-cream.

I was surprised when I saw a demonstration... a polish guy dressed-up like Aladdin, and carrying some 'Boa constrictors' -- in Brazil these are known as 'Jiboias', not poisoning snakes, but normally very agressive while in their natural habitat, maybe these ones had been borned in captivity, that's why they were so kind snakes. Right beside the snakes' show-off I could have tried indoor climbing... Mmm... maybe next time :P

I also made a video:

More photos:

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André Lage said...

I know... In your turn the snake disappeared. Where was it? hehehhehehehe