Friday, 21 December 2007


Nothing better than having a feast with colleagues after a long year of fun, joy and professional growth of course! ;)

PGS Software has provided an official dinner to celebrate the end of the year. It happened in one of the best steakhouses in Wrocław,PL: "Rodeo Drive" - An american steakehouse indeed. Comparing to last year's celebration, PGS now has 150% more employees and next year we will need to find a bigger place to celebrate. :)
We also had guests from the other PGS office in Rzeszów (Southeast of Poland), they travelled 7 hours by train just to attend the meeting.

Another good thing here in PGS is: Those employees who get married automatically win a very special prize! a weekend stay in a polish resort, 'sponsored' by PGS! LOL! So, if you are a hot chick, speak polish or slovak, and know how to cook really good, just let me know. ;)

We, employees, also felt grateful and we collected money to buy presents to PGS' owners: Paweł, Wojtek and Monika.
Moreover, PGS had given each of us a nice christmas present: a suitcase (with handle and wheels). really good!

Thx PGS!

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