Sunday, 11 November 2007

"When the winter comes, and the cold sets in..."

First snow falls in Wroclaw for this cold season 07/08, and drastically changed the landscapes around here. Probably it's gonna melt, because it's still autumn... This upcoming winter is gonna rock the party. For Shehzia (from India) and Luis (from Brazil) it's their first time with snow, they are really excited. Next month we're gonna have enough snow for a battle, and we can even make a championship. :P

We found time to make a small snowman in front of our dormitory, but it melted afterwards. There are still some leaves in the trees, and snowmen can't stand long. Autumn still prevails.

I tried to take the most beautiful pictures I could, with my cellphone's camera. I hope they are beautiful enough for whomever reading my blog. :) Winter is so beautiful when combined with nature.

Also two small videos:


Basia said...

Na bałwana będzie jeszcze czas. ^^
Buziaki :*


Tumaix said...

que tal enviar uma dessas ruivas congeladas pra terras baianas?