Friday, 5 October 2007

Random fun?

Having a great time in Poland has become a routine, everytime there's a party, everytime there's a new theme event, everytime new music on my mp3 player and nothing better than one day after another! Trying to make 'today' be better than 'yesterday' and so on... that's the carpe diem lifestyle. As you can notice, nothing gets me down even if I got my pants a bit damaged (suddenly and with no reason). Best of all, I dont even care about silly jokes about this! hahahaha!! It didn't happened because of the "pizza picante" -- LOL!

Today (October, 5th) is an important date for me and for my roommate Tjeerd, because we arrived in Wroclaw exactly 1 month ago, and it also can be used as an excuse to celebrate (hardly). Everything here is so intense... full speed or nothing! For tonight we still don't know where to go, will figure it out randomly and spontaneously later... deciding our fates by rolling the dices... :P

Last week a brazilian bash took place here, lead by Luis and I. First, a brazillian powerpoint presentation and lots of caipirinha afterwards and candies. I had a music CD of a typical band from my city. And those songs were heard throughout the rooms of the Akademia Economiczna (or School of Economics). Mili helped us by painting everybody's faces with the colors of Brazil, and she won a cupuacu candy as a reward for that! :)

Some photos: (click to enlarge)

Let's celebrate life, friendship, let's seize every precious moment we have, let's make life worth! Split sky, part sea, shoot the sign, because our lives are getting shorter while our memories becoming larger. ;)

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