Monday, 3 September 2007

Great reception in Warsaw!

Hej folks, welcome to my new blog!

After a long journey from my tropical home town (Salvador, Brazil) to Wrocław, Poland - I can finally breathe slavonic air, feel the warmth of this great and receptive people in Poland, and meet my polish friends again.

My arrival at Warsaw's airport wasn't so perfect because my luggage didn't come as well (stayed in Lisbon) -- freaking portuguese airline! :P But my friends Karol, Przemek, Gosia, Malwinka, Dorotka were there waiting for me with a big banner carrying a welcome message: "Nano witaj w domu" which means: "Nano, welcome home" (in polish) -- I felt so grateful... The next day in Warsaw (I was stinky and still waiting for my luggage) I visited a palace in Wilanow (real king palace) and went to a polish typical restaurant for some Pierogi. :)

On Sept, 5th I continued my trip to Wrocław (by train). Now I live on Kamienna Street, 10 min to Wrocław center, and I'm very happy with my new job, the company is very good and I have very good workmates, some of them also from different countries, such as Holland, Russia.. and even another Brazilian! (brazucas are in everywhere).

The city of Wrocław is full of students and young people, lots of good pubs and cheap beer. I became good friend of a guy from Guatemala (Sir Luis) and the other brazilian (Dom Luis) , and we made the Latin Alliance - "Los dos Luisitos y El cabron" - Me as "El cabron" - LOL!!

Well, as soon as things happen, they are gonna be written in their entirety in this blog! :)
For now, I'm done! Thx for being the first visitors of my blog!

Sept 2nd to be always remembered as "Day D". 


Alutka said...

Nano! It was pleasure to welcome you and see you again in Poland!!
The welcome party was superb!!!
It was great to chat with you in Polish language.....

Hope your traineeship in Wroclław will be unforgettable!!

Take care!!!

Dorot(k)a said...

Yep, it was really great to welcome you in Poland again :)
All of us were looking forward to seeing you here! And you Polish is just awsome!

Can't wait to see you again, have a good time in Wrocław!


Gabiux said...

Hey nanooo its meee Gaby Gaby con Gadu Gadu. You are soo lucky to be again in the beautifull country of Poland Lubie Polske!!!. Please put more pictures! Good luck in your intership im sure they will love you specially the girls :P.

Lots of Kisses

sarah said...

oi nano!!! era so pra te desejar boa sorte na tua nova vida ai na polonia!! que tudo corra bem no trabalho e vida social.
gosto muito de falar contigo no msn! qualquer dia vocé vem me visitar aqui em paris ta bom?
bisous de ta cherie française


Tarsis said...

Have a great time in Poland, brother! As it seem´s, just got started... You r friends of Brazil are expecting you to enjoy and when coming back telling us all the things you´ve done... Specially about women...

Rock this country, buddy!

Becky said...

Grreeeeat news!
Please keep posting, and don't forget to bring me postcards for my collection when you're back!

Rodrigo said...

Meu querido filho

Adorei seu vídeo. Da próxima vez opte pela 4 cheeses, tenho certeza que vc. vai suar menos. Quero poder acompanhar essa sua experiência através de vídeos assim, cheios de alegria e de amigos.Estou aqui torcendo por vc. como sempre.
Com amor e vc. sabe quanto....

nana said...

boa sorte, danilo!
(por aqui, dia 30, meia-maratona da braskem).