Friday, 27 May 2016

Nano meets E-Type!

Well, what can I say? It was like a dream coming true! What you can see in this photo is actually me wearing a wig and some flashy Devil horns on stage with E-Type, one of the greatest Eurodance groups from the 90's! (Click on it to enlarge)

It was a big surprise to everybody since we were all just enjoying the summer party of the company then we suddenly saw what the organizers have secretly arranged for us.

E-type played all their hits, including the "Life", "Campione" (soundtrack for Eurocup 2000) and "This is the way". For their bombastic hit "Campione", E-Type's front man - Martin Eriksson - fecthed some people from the front line, to go up on the stage to sing along and since I was the last one leaving the stage after that song, my colleague could capture this photo showing only me with the band. The best souvenir ever from that special evening. xD

The hit "Life":

More photos (Click to enlarge):

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