Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Ski for life

After 2 seasons without skiing at all, I took the chance to go to a ski slope before the global warming takes over the planet. Well, it was January 30th and as you can see in the photo, the winter is very mild. The trees are not snowed and the ski tracks contain artificial snow on most of its length.

Most of the ski stations are having very bad conditions for skiing but only some of them have some micro climate or are pointing north which helps avoiding most of the afternoon direct sun light, which is a great advantage.

The ski slope chosen this time was the "Červená Voda" in Czech Republic - http://www.skibukovka.cz/ - which has a quite OK infrastructure for skiing, with a heated-seat ski-lift carrying 4 people at once. The track is for "advanced beginners" and/or intermediate level. If you are advanced, it will be too short for you.

Don't forget to try the Czech beer in the bar, on the base of the slope. Cheers!

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